Commitment to the Environment

Commitment to the Environment

We believe that the secret to our success at Los Esteros is that Chileans love to hear that our fields are irrigated by river water which flows down from the Andes.  We have also never even considered utilizing pesticides, fertilizers or any other chemical measures. Additionally, these types of methods do not even make commercial sense.   

At the end of the day, the only issue which interests our family is preserving the level of leptocarpin within our plants.  Our philosophy, which is informed by a variety of ethical (and especially empirical) factors, is that the most important phase of an ecologically-sustainable operation is choosing acreage which provides the conditions needed to produce what you plan to grow.  It seems that farms are always trying to make Nature conform to the crop; instead of simply performing the necessary due diligence required to choose an ideal location for propagation. In our case, it has been 10 times cheaper to grow on the land we chose. It produces outstanding raw material.  Our main aim for now is to continue investing in the necessary infrastructure to ensure that we do not damage what nature has already provided within Leptocarpha rivularis.

As we slowly improve and expand operations, our goal is to comply with the following environmental philosophy:

  • Promote environmental awareness among our operations team and vendors through a clearly-defined training program.
  • Utilize acreage which serves the broader objective of decreasing deforestation.

Note: ISO9000 dictates progressively-achievable goals and usually a “logical” chain of events.  Need to have a five-year plan. This will ensure that we are always making improvements which can be demonstrated during each successive recertification audit.

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